This post includes a review of using online lab testing through LetsGetChecked, including the details about my experience and results.

letsgetchecked lab test review carrie

Thanks to innovative companies like LetsGetChecked, we now have the ability to order our own lab tests online, take them at home, and have the results delivered by phone and online. 

The company that I use and recommend for home testing is called LetsGetCheckedThis post was sponsored by LetsGetChecked; all opinions are my own. 

Why Online Lab Testing?

There are so many scenarios where online lab testing makes sense.

Have you ever had the experience where you need to get a lab test done and you have to make an appointment with the doctor. see the doctor, get a lab order, go to the lab, take the test, and then make another appointment to see the doctor to get the results? That’s at least 6 steps right there.

It’s so much more convenient to order a lab test online, have it sent directly to your home, take the test at home with a finger prick, and then send it back to the lab.

With LetsGetChecked, the results are delivered over the phone by a qualified healthcare practitioner, and also available online. I know how convenient it is because I tried it myself! 

In addition to the convenience factor, other reasons why online lab testing makes sense include:

  • Not everyone has access to a doctor or has good insurance that even pays for labs,
  • Some people have very high deductibles with their insurance, so it makes more sense to just pay for the select tests you need out-of-pocket,
  • Ordering online keeps the results private which can be important in some cases such as STD testing.

If you haven’t read my blog post with the six important lab tests for women, then I would suggest reading that as well.

How to Order Online

As I mentioned, I went through the process of taking a LetsGetChecked online lab test so I could authentically write about the experience from start to finish. 

Ordering online is super easy. The website is very easy to use and the tests are well organized, with an explanation of exactly what the test is and what results you’ll receive.

I also love that there are no hidden costs either. You pay at the time you order the test and that’s it. 

For my test kit, I chose to try the iron test that includes iron, total iron-binding capacity (TIBC), ferritin, and transferrin saturation.

Within a few days, the test was shipped directly to my house, with everything I needed to perform the test and send it back pre-paid for my results. The lab tests are also available at CVS stores across the United States. 

What’s Included in the Kit

The test kit comes in a small box and includes everything you need, including the envelope for returning the sample.

To start, you open the box to find the online activation instructions.

letsgetchecked test kit with instructions

There is also a pamphlet on how to collect the sample and a postcard with an overview of what you need to do.

letsgetchecked test kit getting started

Digging deeper into the box, you’ll find the actual pieces you need to take your finger prick blood sample.

letsgetchecked test kit pieces

How to Take the Test

After you’ve activated the test kit, it’s time to take the kit. Maybe you’re wondering how taking your own blood at home is going to work. I was a bit nervous. Turns out, it’s really simple and the pamphlet that came with the kit walked me through each step.

finger prick instructions

To do the finger prick, there are alcohol swabs, a clean wipe, lancet, collection vial, and a band-aid.

letsgetchecked test kit blood sample pieces

The actual collection vial is quite small, and is already filled about a quarter full with preservative fluid.

letsgetchecked test kit blood collection vial

Once I actually pricked my finger with the lancet, I estimate I needed about 4-6 drops of blood to reach the amount needed. It wasn’t hard at all and took about 10 minutes from start to finish.

Other tips for an easy blood draw include:

  • Wash your hands in warm water for about 90 seconds
  • Do a few jumping jacks 
  • Make sure you’re well hydrated that morning
  • Stand up when you’re doing the finger prick

Sending Back the Sample

In the instructions that came with the kit, it was recommended to collect the sample before 9 am and to return it immediately using the envelope provided. Due to the shipping process, it’s not recommended to take the sample on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

I chose to do my kit on a Monday morning. After I finished, I went out to do some errands and dropped the prepaid envelope at my local UPS store to get shipped back to the lab.

Getting the Results

I sent my test kit back on a Monday, and by around 8 am on Wednesday morning, I got a call from a nurse with my results. I missed her call, but she left a message with the number to call back. So, a couple of hours later, we connected and she delivered the results over the phone to me. I was able to ask a few questions and get some great input about what the results meant for me.

Once I connected with the nurse, she released the results to my dashboard on the LetsGetChecked website. I got an email with the link.

letsgetchecked email results are ready

My Results

letsgetchecked lab test results 1

I’m so happy I took this test because I thought my ferritin level would be much lower. Since low iron levels can lead to fatigue and so many other problems, it’s nice to know that my diet and supplements are supporting normal levels. Yay!

LetsGetChecked Ferritin results for Carrie

Since I had so much with the iron test, I’m also planning to take the thyroid panel, female hormone panel, and omega testing. Read more about which are the best lab tests for women.

See all the lists of health tests available at LetsGetChecked.


I had a very positive experience and my review of Lets Get Checked online lab testing is a big thumb’s up!

Take control over your health and consider ordering your next lab test online from LetsGetChecked. Use code CLEANEATING for 20% off your order.

Take the tests at home using a finger prick and have the results delivered to you over the phone and online. Keep your results private or share them with your doctor. 


Note: this post is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider for recommendations related to your individual situation.

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