Have you heard of spore-based probiotics? They’re a scientifically-proven type of healthy bacteria that can resolve gut issues. 

which probiotics can heal leaky gut?

Spore Based Probiotics

It turns out that 95% of good bacteria found in yogurts and most other supplements do not survive past the acids in our stomachs. In other words, most probiotics are completely ineffective! If you’re wondering what kind of probiotic you should take that can actually work to improve digestion, then you’ll love this new podcast episode of Clean Eating for Women.

Kiran Krishnan is the Chief Science Officer at Just Thrive Probiotics. He is a research microbiologist that has been in the industry for 16 years. He came on the Clean Eating for Women podcast to explain spore-based probiotics and how they are completely different than regular probiotics.

Episode #33: Spore-Based Probiotics for Healing with Microbiologist Kiran Krishnan

In this episode of the Clean Eating for Women podcast:

  • Kiran gives us an overview of probiotics
  • We learn what spore-based probiotics are and how they differ from other types
  • How taking a dose of spore-based probiotics for 30 days has been proven to reverse leaky gut (here’s the link to the study)
  • How 80% of our immune system exists in our gut
Just Thrive Probiotics boxes and bottle

Some highlights of this episode on Probiotics for Healing with Just Thrive Microbiologist Kiran Krishnan:

  1. Kiran’s super power is that he is a nerd that can talk to humans. He is going to explain some complicated topics in an easy to understand and “digestible” way. I heard Kiran on another podcast and knew he would be a great guest for the show. [01:13]
  2. Probiotics were first invented by Elie Metchnikoff. He put forth the idea that illness comes from an overabundance of bad bacteria. Auto intoxication. Using good bacteria to counteract bad bacteria. [02:11]
  3. A probiotic should be a live microorganism. It’s a bacteria of some sort that can get into your system and make significant and valuable changes to the rest of the population in your digestive system and immune system. [03:17]
  4. If we have the right type of bacteria in our gut, we can create a significant amount of value in the way our body and our immune system functions. A probiotic is a good bacteria that goes to work for you fixing damage that we have done to our microbiome. [04:08]
  5. Things that can damage our microbiome can be too much sugar or taking antibiotics. We are a collection of thousands of organisms that work together as a whole. Our modern environment disrupts the cycle. Preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, glyphosate, chlorine, fluoride, and 80% of our personal care products destroy our bodies bacterial cultures. [04:52]
  6. Spore based probiotics form an endospore to protect themselves. They can survive in stomach acid. Then in the gut, they recondition the environment. They find bad bacteria and kill them off and feed the good bacteria through prebiotic foods. [11:33]
  7. Leaky gut is what is driving chronic inflammation that is driving chronic disease. Endotoxins leak through the intestinal lining and get into your bloodstream. This sets off inflammation and starts the process of disease. Obesity, brain fog, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, and autoimmune diseases are all caused by toxins leaking from the gut. [19:42]
  8. Spore based probiotics are able to stop leaky gut in 30 days. It can help heal and reverse the entire condition. Metabolic endotoxemia is the process of digestion increasing intestinal leakiness. [25:59]
  9. The vast majority of the body can heal if we put it in a healing state. We can’t be in a healing state with a continuous flood of toxins and inflammation just from eating food. [31:04]