This Vegetable Meal Prep is designed to help you eat more veggies. The idea is that you cook a bunch of vegetables on the first day, and then enjoy them in 5 different meals over the next 5 days.

five meal prep meals

Meal Prep Overview

With a giant batch of roasted vegetables, this meal prep can be transformed into these delicious meals.

  • Meal #1: Roast Chicken with Rice and Veggies
  • Meal #2: Veggie-Loaded Gluten-Free Pizza
  • Meal #3: Stir-Fry with Sausage
  • Meal #4: Wrap wtih Veggies & Turkey
  • Meal #5: Green Salad with Chopped Veggies & Sausage

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Meal Prep Steps

Here are the steps to make this Vegetable Meal Prep. If you want these steps in a printable Meal Prep Guide, be sure to join my email list.

Step One

Chop the veggies. If you want to save time, you can buy pre-chopped vegetables from the grocery store. Feel free to get creative with the vegetables that you use. I used broccoli, Brussels sprouts, butternut squash, and mushrooms.

Step Two

Toss the chopped vegetables with some melted fat and salt. Bake the veggies for 45-55 minutes in a 425 degree oven.

roasted vegetables on sheet pans for vegetable meal prep

Step Three

After the vegetables have done cooking, roast the chicken in the oven at 400 degrees for 35 minutes. Feel free to use chicken thighs or chicken cutlets, and season the chicken as desired.

Step Four

Make the rice on the stovetop, in a rice cooker, or in the Instant Pot. You can make a double batch of rice if you want to make it last all week.

Step Five

Make the pizza dough. You can use my Cassava Flour Pizza Dough recipe for a gluten-free, grain-free, and yeast-free option. Feel free to make a double batch.

Step Six

Make the stir-fry sauce and salad dressing. I recommend my Gluten-Free Stir Fry Sauce and my Honey Mustard Vinaigrette.

Step Seven

Prep the salad greens. To save time, you can buy pre-washed and pre-chopped romaine.

Step Eight

Store the veggies or prep the meals. You can either make your meals on the day of, or you can assemble them and put them into storage containers to enjoy throughout the week. If you need some meal prep containers, these glass bowls with air-tight lids are a great option.

meal prep container with roasted vegetables

What You Need to Assemble the Meals

  • For the Veggies: 8-10 cups of chopped vegetables
  • For Meal #1: Chicken thighs or breasts, plus cooked white rice
  • For Meal #2: Pizza dough & romaine lettuce & salad dressing (for a side salad)
  • For Meal #3: Cooked rice, sausage, and stir-fry sauce
  • For Meal #4: Tortillas and roast turkey
  • For Meal #5: Romaine lettuce, salad dressing, and sausage.

Weekly Meal Plan

Here’s how you can serve the meals for lunch and dinner over the week.


Monday: Roast chicken with veggies and rice
Tuesday: Wrap with turkey
Wednesday: Pizza
Thursday: Salad with leftover chicken
Friday: Salad with sausage


Monday: Pizza with side salad
Tuesday: Stir fry with sausage
Wednesday: Salad with chicken
Thursday: Leftover stir fry with sausage
Friday: Wrap wrap with turkey

This is one of the first meal preps I’ve shared. Let me know if you would like to see more! You can also check out my blog post with Meal Prep Tips for Beginners.

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