Watermelon Juice with Lime & Mint

two glasses of fresh watermelon juice

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This delicious Watermelon Juice with Lime & Mint is such an easy and refreshing summertime beverage. It’s naturally sweet and hydrating with no added sugar.




  1. Combine the watermelon chunks in the base of a high-speed blender. Add the lime juice and mint leaves.
  2. Blend on high for about 15 seconds, or until the ingredients are smooth.
  3. Place a fine-mesh colander over a large bowl, and pour the juice through the colander. Use a spatula to push the juice through the colander.
  4. Discard the pulp and pour the juice from the bowl into a pitcher.
  5. Serve immediately.


*If you can, place your watermelon in the refrigerator for several hours so it is chilled. Then, cut the watermelon in half and cut the flesh away from the rind to make the watermelon chunks.

Store any leftover juice in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.

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