Best MTHFR Diet & Tips

MTHFR is a gene mutation that  affects how the body processes folate. If you have this mutation, following a specific diet can help you to stay healthy and feel your best.

Elevated homocysteine levels can indicate a folate deficiency. Have your doctor test your homocysteine levels to provide some insight into your folate levels.

Test Your Homocysteine

It’s best to avoid folic acid and instead opt for methyl folate or folinic acid, if you are sensitive.

Pick the Right  Supplement

Dark leafy greens are some of the best sources of folate. Load your plate with veggies like kale & chard.

Eat Lots of Leafy Greens

Fortified foods with folic acid can be a problem for people following an MTHFR diet. Too much folic acid can also lead to vitamin B12 deficiency.

Avoid Enriched & Fortified Foods

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Carrie Forrest is the creator of Clean Eating Kitchen, a healthy recipe website. She holds a master's degree in public health.