Are you shopping for a wedding gift for a fit and active woman? This post include unique, hand-picked Wedding Gifts for the Bride, with a focus on health and wellness.

wellness wedding gift guide for brides

Wedding registries certainly make it easy to shop for wedding and bridal shower gifts, but I always like to give a personal gift for my close friends or family members who are getting married. 

I have personal experience with everything on the gift guide I’m sharing today, plus with marriage! Alan and I are celebrated 15 years of marriage this past summer, although in some ways it feels like just yesterday when we had our big day.

Here’s my list of Wellness Gifts for the Bride. I hand-selected everything on this list for its wellness potential, with a few fun things thrown in as well. I’ve included a description of each item below, along with a link to purchase.

Let me know what you think of my selections. Just a note, this Wellness Gift Guide is also great for those of us focusing on self-care or looking to feel a little more pampered.

Wellness Gift Guide for Brides

Fun & Wellness Wedding Gifts for the Bride

1. Silver sequin “Bride” tote

Every married woman knows how special it is to be a bride, and how much stuff you need to drag along on the big day, not to mention all the events surrounding a wedding. This tote is adorable, and is big enough to hold it all. 

2. Bride dressing gown

I love that this dressing gown is short-sleeved, along with being cotton for easy laundering. And, it’s blue for the whole “something blue” requirement. Note: the blue is sold out but you can order it in white. 

3. The Five Love Languages book

This is a must-read for new and established relationships. I’m all about self-discovery and learning about how to improve communication, and this book is kind of epic for helping couples get along better. 

4. CBD oil for stress management

Weddings and marriage and all the changes that come along with that can be so stressful. The year that I got married, I also graduated from business school, moved to a new city, bought a house, and started a new job. I had a lot of anxiety and panic attacks during that time. 

The CBD oil I recommend from Medterra is certified to have zero THC. Plus, CBD has been shown to help with anxiety (read more about the science and my experience with CBD oil).

Be sure to use code CLEANEATING for 15% off your purchase at Medterra.

5. Facial cleansing brush

Professionals facials are great, but who has the extra time and cash to do them regularly? I love doing at-home spa days that take just a bit of time. The Clarisonic cleansing set is amazing for improving skin texture.

6. Remington at-home hair removal system

Hair removal is another kind of personal thing, but not too personal for me to address. I’ve paid for laser treatments at spas, but was thrilled when I learned there are FDA-approved devices for home use.

I’ve been using this Remington laser for about the last 6 months, and it’s so convenient and easy to use! It works, too! This is something that requires a bit of time to see results, though, so allow for at least a few months of using it before you expect to ditch your razor.

7. Jane Iredale Smooth Affair primer and brightener

Primers are my best friend for adding smoothness to my skin, and Jane Iredale is a great brand that is natural and mineral-based.

8. Femometer fertility tracker for natural family planning

Hormonal birth control is so out of favor in the holistic health world. I so wish I had not taken it for 15 years, there are a lot of health risks associated with the pill that I never knew until my health went downhill.

Fertility tracking can be a much safer option for women concerned about the side effects of taking hormones. I think fertility tracking is a great idea for all women, since a regular cycle has been called our monthly “report card,” in the sense that it indicates our overall health.

This book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility, is a must-have companion for all women of child-bearing age. I’ve learned so much about my health from tracking my cycle, and I’m not even trying to get pregnant.

You might also want to check out my articles on what is the best diet for fertility and how to eat for your cycle.

9. Doterra essential oil for stress management

I’m kind of skeptical about all the hype that goes along with essential oils as if they’re a magic cure-all for everything under the sun, but I do enjoy how they smell! I almost always run my diffuser in the mornings with some kind of essential oil blend. This one from Doterra is blended specifically to help with feelings of stress.

10. Ultrasonic oil diffuser

This diffuser is so pretty, it would make a lovely gift for any woman. It’s also functional and modern in design, so it can fit in with most decor and won’t be too offensive to the groom, either. 🙂

Happy shopping! I hope you found this wedding gift for the fit and active bride to be helpful!

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Wedding Gifts for Healthy Bride

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