Easiest Instant Pot Basmati Rice

bowl of cooked white rice served with two gold spoons

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This recipe for Instant Pot White Basmati Rice is so easy! You only need six minutes cooking time for perfectly cooked, fluffy rice that goes great with almost any main dish. This is the no soak method for cooking rice in a pressure cooker.




  1. Combine the rinsed rice and water in the base of a 6-quart or 8-quart Instant Pot.
  2. Lock on the lid and set the time to 6 minutes on high pressure. 
  3. When the cooking time is up, let the pressure come down naturally for 10 minutes, and then use the quick release to let out any remaining pressure. 
  4. Carefully remove the lid and serve hot.


Store any leftovers in a tightly-sealed container in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. Or, place any leftovers in a zip-top bag and freeze for up to 2 months. 

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