Best Natural Antihistamine Foods

Learn how to get histamine and allergy issues under control with these Best Antihistamine Foods.

An antihistamine is something that curbs the effects of histamine on the body, bringing bothersome symptoms under control.  Include the following foods in your low-histamine diet.

– Basil  – Caraway  – Cilantro – Cumin – Dill – Fennel seed – Garlic

Herbs & Spices

– Artichokes – Arugula – Asparagus – Radish – Squash – Watercress – Zucchini


– Apples – Blackberries – Blueberries – Cherries – Kiwi – Mango – Pomegranate


Look for organic  produce, in order to  avoid any pollutants  that may trigger histamine-related reactions.

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Carrie Forrest is the creator of Clean Eating Kitchen, a healthy recipe website. She holds a master's degree in public health.