Instant Pot Steamed Artichokes

This recipe for Instant Pot Artichokes with a creamy lemon dipping sauce is so easy and yummy!


– artichokes – water – mayonnaise – lemon, juiced – salt – freshly ground                 black pepper

Wash and pat dry the artichokes. Lay them on a cutting board & cut off the stems up to the base with a sharp knife.


Place a stainless steel trivet in the bottom of the Instant Pot.  Add 1  1/4 cups of water to the bowl for steaming.


Place the artichokes upside down on the trivet.  Lock on the lid.


Use the manual setting  to set the cooking time  to 18-23 minutes on high pressure.  Adjust time based on artichoke size.


To make dipping sauce, combine mayonnaise in a small bowl with lemon juice, salt & pepper.  Stir to combine. 


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