Tips for  Meal Prepping

Learn how to meal prep with these simple tips. From buffet prepping to meal planning, here are my top tips for making meal prepping easy.

Buffet-Style Meal Prepping


Make a few different items to mix & match into different meals.



Organize your prep by cook time.  Roast several types of veggies on a sheet pan & get twice the cooking done at once.


Invest in Quality Storage Containers

Glass or stainless steel containers are safer, make food taste better & allow meals to last longer.


Buy Pre-Chopped &  Pre-Washed Produce

Take advantage of pre-packaged, pre-chopped, and pre-washed produce at your local store.


Spice it up for Some Variety

Don’t underestimate the value of spices.  Get creative & experiment to see what you like.


Cook What You Love

Make meal planning a sustainable by prepping meals & foods that you already enjoy.

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