It’s been two months already since I shared the baby pictures of my kitten twins, so I thought I share an update.

Just to re-cap, we adopted them in late January when they were just about two months old. I found them in an online ad from a guy who had failed to get their mama spayed. They were slightly underfed and had fleas, but have since have been given their vaccinations and a clear bill of health.

Dottie and Dash

The kittens weighed just two pounds each when we brought them home, and have since doubled in size. They’re still almost identical, but Dash (the male) has a broader face and Dottie (the female) has more Siamese eyes. Their eye color has also changed from baby blue to more green and yellow:

dottie kitten

It’s been so rewarding to nurture them and get to know their personalities. It’s hard to take pictures of them when they’re awake because they move fast and always seem to be getting into trouble (double-trouble!!!):

kitten dishwasher

Our living room has been taken apart and re-arranged as a kitten playground:

kitten jungle gym

Then, when they sleep, they really pass out:

adorable kittens

Dash in particular sleeps in the funniest of positions:

kitten sleeping funny

kittens sleeping

silly kitten

He’s also the longer of the two:

long kitten

Sometimes they act as each other’s blanket:

kittens sleeping together

They’re such sweet little ones:

kittens snuggling

They’re final medical hurdle is to be fixed/spayed next week. Of course I’m nervous since my beloved Xena died from complications following a routine dental procedure in December, but I’m working on managing my anxiety around it and hoping they’ll do just fine:


Kitten season is right around the corner. Sadly, this is the time of year when so many fur-babies like mine end up in shelters or euthanized because they aren’t adopted. A great place to find the next love of your life is through your local animal shelter ( is a great resource for this). Or, consider a donation to the ASPCA to help provide care and support for animals in need.

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