Summer is the perfect time for delicious and nutritious juices made from seasonal fruits and vegetables. Find the best healthy summer juice recipes that are packed with vibrant flavors and essential nutrients. Whether you’re looking to boost your energy, improve your skin, or stay hydrated, these recipes have you covered!

watermelon juice in jar on table.

While I like to make fresh juice all year round, juicing is especially nice on hot summer days. I like to make a batch of homemade juices and keep them chilled in the fridge for snacks or between meals.

Summer drinks made from fresh fruit and vegetables is such a nutritious way to stay hydrated. Swap out soda and other drinks for these fresh fruit and vegetable juices that are a better way to nourish your body and support the immune system.

So, the next time you want to make fresh and healthy summertime juices, try any of these delicious recipes!

Best Summer Produce for Juicing

Here are some ideas for the best summer fruits and vegetables to include in your juice blends.

And, don’t forget herbs! Mint, basil, and cilantro are my favorites for adding more flavor to juices.

  • Watermelon – Sweet and refreshing, watermelon juice is perfect on its own or mixed with mint for a cooling drink.
  • Cucumber – Mild and hydrating, cucumber juice pairs well with lime and mint for a revitalizing beverage.
  • Pineapple – Tangy and sweet, pineapple juice adds a tropical twist and blends beautifully with coconut water or ginger.
  • Strawberries – Juicy and slightly tart, strawberry juice is delightful on its own or mixed with basil for a unique flavor.
  • Carrots – Naturally sweet with a hint of earthiness, carrot juice pairs well with apples or ginger for a vibrant drink.
  • Raspberries – Bright and slightly tart, raspberry juice is a perfect addition to lemonade or mixed with peaches for a summery flavor.
  • Tomatoes – Tomatoes are so abundant in the summertime and juicing is a great way to use them up!
  • Kale – Earthy and slightly bitter, kale juice is best mixed with sweeter fruits like apples or pineapple to balance the flavor.
  • Mangoes – Lush and sweet, mango juice is a tropical delight that pairs wonderfully with citrus fruits or coconut water.
  • Peaches – Sweet and slightly tart, peach juice is delicious on its own or mixed with berries for a refreshing summer blend.

Best Summer Juice Recipes

Watermelon Mint Lime Juice served in glass.

Watermelon Mint Juice Recipe

This delicious Watermelon Mint Juice with lime juice is such an easy and refreshing summertime beverage. It’s naturally sweet and hydrating with no added sugar. Learn how to make it in a juicer or a blender.

This is my number one pick for fruit drinks on a hot day! It’s one of the best way to cool down in the summer months.

carrot mango juice in two glasses.

Carrot Mango Juice (Juicer or Blender)

Carrot Mango Juice is full of flavor and nutrition. It has a bright and refreshing taste that will tantalize your taste buds. Make this juice in a blender or a juicer.

This one uses simple ingredients.

anti inflammatory green juice recipe on table.

Anti-Inflammatory Juice Recipe with Ginger

This Anti-Inflammatory Juice Recipe is tasty and refreshing. It’s made with inflammation-fighting ingredients like turmeric, ginger, and pineapple. Serve this green juice made with crisp cucumber and other healthy foods as a great way to nourish with breakfast or between meals.

A glass of raspberry juice on a wooden table.

Raspberry Juice Recipe (Blender or Food Processor)

Raspberry Juice is a seasonal delight! It is made with just a few ingredients but is huge on flavor. Make this easy fruit juice recipe using a blender or a food processor.

Two tall glasses of tomato juice, each with a stalk of celery.

Tomato Juice Recipe Using Fresh Tomatoes

Fresh Tomato Vegetable Juice is a healthy and tasty beverage that is the perfect way to use up extra tomatoes and veggies from the garden. Serve it chilled or over ice for a refreshing and nutritious drink.

glasses of pineapple ginger juice.

Pineapple Ginger Juice: Great for Digestion

Pineapple Ginger Juice is a refreshing and invigorating beverage that blends the tropical sweetness of pineapple with the zesty spice of ginger. This vibrant drink not only offers a great balance of flavors but also boasts potential digestive and anti-inflammatory benefits. Learn how to make it in a juicer or a blender!

Two mason jar mugs with carrot juice, each has two straws.

Carrot Juice Recipe with Orange & Ginger (Juicer or Blender)

Here’s a delicious homemade Carrot Juice Recipe that is full of vitamin C. This recipe uses carrots, oranges, lemon, and ginger for the ultimate healthy fresh juice. Make this recipe using a juicer or a blender.

Two short glasses filled with blueberry juice on a table with fresh blueberries.

Blueberry Juice Recipe (Blender or Food Processor)

Fresh berry juice is a seasonal delight! It is made with just two main ingredients plus water. Learn how to make this delicious Blueberry Juice recipe using a blender or a food processor.

a glass of anti-bloat juice.

Anti-Bloat Green Juice Recipe (Blender or Juicer)

This green Anti-Bloat Juice uses ingredients known to help reduce symptoms of bloating and water retention. Try this delicious and nutritious green drink using a blender or a juicer.

strawberry juice in pretty glass.

Strawberry Juice Recipe (Juicer or Blender)

Strawberry Juice is not only beautiful, but it tastes great and it’s good for you. It’s a rich source of antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin C. Learn how to make homemade Strawberry Juice using a juicer, food processor, or a blender.

Summer Juicing FAQs

Do I need a special juicer to make summer juices?

While a juicer can make the process easier, you can also use a blender and then strain the juice using a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth. This method works well for most fruits and vegetables.

What are some good combinations for summer juices?

Some popular summer juice combinations include watermelon and mint, pineapple and coconut water, cucumber and lime, strawberry and basil, and mango and citrus. Experiment with different fruits and vegetables to find your favorite blends.

How do I make the most refreshing summer juices?

For the most refreshing summer juices, use fruits and vegetables with high water content like watermelon, cucumber, and citrus fruits. Adding ice cubes or chilling your ingredients before juicing can also enhance the cooling effect. Fresh herbs like mint and basil can provide an extra refreshing kick.

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