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Best Dairy-Free Casseroles (Milk-Free Recipes)

Casseroles are a great way to meal prep and plan ahead for a busy week. Most casserole recipes can be prepped up to several days in advance and baked later.

These recipes are all made gluten-free and dairy-free, using real food ingredients. Don’t miss the Dairy-Free Broccoli Rice Casserole recipe, one of the most popular recipes on Clean Eating Kitchen!

It can be hard to make cheese-free casseroles, but these casseroles are all made without dairy. Even made without milk or cheese, they are nourishing, satisfying, and delicious!

I’ve used simple ingredients including coconut milk, almond milk, chicken broth, and nutritional yeast to help create dairy-free casserole recipes that the whole family will love.

Whether you have picky eaters or are dealing with food allergies, these yummy recipes are sure to please.

Other favorites include: Vegan Corn Casserole, No Dairy Green Bean Casserole, and Cheese-Free Taco Casserole. Your entire family is certain to enjoy these!