If you’re looking for podcasts dedicated to women’s health, then you’ve got to check out this list of the Best Health Podcasts for Women. Find informational shows dedicated to women’s health and healing.

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Best Women’s Health Podcasts

1. Are You Menstrual?

are you menstrual podcast art.
Are You Menstrual podcast art.

This podcast is hosted by Amanda Montalvo who is a registered dietitian. Amanda has a great mindset about nutrition and health, and she promotes a diet-free approach that is non-restrictive.

She often touches on issues of mental health, reproductive health, gut health, and physical health without promoting weight loss.

Amanda sometimes invites on a special guest to provide the best information on specialized topics.

I would categorize her recommendations as part of a real food, pro-metabolic diet approach, and I’ve learned a ton from her! I also follow her on social media and enjoy her posts.

2. The Dr. Brooke Show

dr. brooke.
Dr. Brooke.

If you are over 40 or have any hormone imbalance issues, I highly, highly recommend listening to this podcast from Brooke Kalanick ND, MS, LAc. 

She also has a non-restrictive approach that is inclusive and helpful. This is probably the best podcast if you are brand-new to healthy living and want the best information to get started.

3. On Health

aviva romm headshot.
Dr. Romm.

Dr. Romm is the author of The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution and is a Yale-trained physician. 

She has a history of using holistic and alternative health therapies, so I love that she makes natural healing for women’s health issues a theme. She also organizes her episodes by health concern, so that makes it helpful to find information on specific issues.

Dr. Romm has a particular style of speaking that I sometimes find off-putting, but that is a personal choice. Otherwise, she is absolutely brilliant and the information she provides is truly female-focused and top-notch.

She also makes a point to include black women in her health information as minorities are often overlooked in healthcare.

4. PCOS Diva

PCOS Diva podcast cover art.
PCOS Diva cover art.

Amy Medling is an expert on managing polycystic ovarian syndrome, and she uses her podcast to present interviews with other experts about this complex disorder.

Amy’s advice centers around real food and healthy habits which actually applies to all women!

You can listen to my interview on the PCOS Diva podcast where I discussed my journey with overcoming disordered eating.

5. Primal Diet Modern Health

primal diet modern health podcast cover art.

I can’t say enough good things about nutritionist Beverly Meyer, and I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to every single episode of her podcast at least once and sometimes twice.

Talk about smart, savvy, and a straight-talker, Beverly is all of those things and more. This podcast is another “must listen” for women recovering from the Standard American Diet and/or health issues like insomnia, anxiety, and hormone issues.

6. The Well-Fed Women Podcast

well fed women podcast cover art.

This podcast is particularly helpful for women under 40, but, honestly, the inspiration from the hosts about body image and balanced nutrition applies to women of all ages.

But, if you are under 40 or know a youngish woman who is struggling with fertility or disordered eating, this one would be a great choice.

Noelle and Stefani are both real women who have dealt with their own health issues. They promote an intuitive eating approach that is great for healthy hormones.

7. Phoenix Helix

pheonix helix podcast cover art.

If you’re dealing with an autoimmune disease, you must listen to this podcast. It’s enormously helpful and the host, Eileen Laird, is one smart cookie.

If you’re feeling alone or hopeless because of your autoimmune diagnosis, then this podcast will help you find support and resources that can help.

8. Be Well with Kelly

be well with kelly cover art.

Kelly Leveque is a nutritionist with experience in helping women with hormone and eating disorder issues. She has so much wisdom and practical advice, and she interviews other qualified health experts.

Highly recommend this one for learning more about women’s experiences and general health input.!

More Excellent Health Podcasts

The remainder of my recommendations are not limited to women’s health podcasts, but they are also excellent sources of information for both female and male holistic health.

9. Primal Kitchen Podcast

This is the podcast of Mark’s Daily Apple, with a focus on primal/paleo health.

I wouldn’t say that every episode is relevant for women, but it is still an excellent resource.

This interview about thyroid health with host Elle Russ and Gary Foresman, MD, was a turning point in my health, because it motivated me to get help to manage my thyroid replacement hormone better. 

You can also hear my interview on the Primal Blueprint podcast. 

10. Revolution Health Radio

This is the podcast of Chris Kresser and it is also an excellent, excellent resource.

Chris is a former vegan who had to change his diet and lifestyle to recover his health. This podcast has recently become more technical, but it’s great for the very informed and educated patient (or for healthcare providers).

Bonus Recommendations

Additional podcasts I subscribe to and often enjoy include: The Skinny Confidential Him and Her Podcast, The Dr. Louise Newsom Podcast, and Zoe Science and Nutrition.

Women’s Health Podcast Conclusions

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of healthy podcasts focused on women’s health. I’d love to know your favorite podcast picks, too. Please do share those in the comments.

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About the Author: Carrie Forrest has a master’s degree in public health with a specialty in nutrition. She is a top wellness and food blogger with over 5 million annual visitors to her site. Carrie has an incredible story of recovery from chronic illness and is passionate about helping other women transform their health. Send Carrie a message through her contact form.

Note: this post is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider for recommendations related to your individual situation.