If you love the flavor of coffee but can’t handle the caffeine, then decaffeinated coffee may be the best answer for you. Here is my list of the best organic decaf coffee brands that taste as good as the real thing.

someone pouring coffee into a white mug.

Benefits of Organic Decaf Coffee

Did you know that decaf coffee offers most of the same health benefits as regular coffee?

Many of us drink at least some variation of coffee each morning to get our day started, but not everyone can consume higher levels of caffeine.

If you have high blood pressure, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or are more prone to anxiety, sticking to decaf coffee could be the way to go (always speak to your doctor if you have specific health questions). But, when it comes to how coffee becomes decaffeinated, and which decaf coffee to try, I can help!

Typically, an 8-ounce cup of coffee has 95 mg of caffeine, while a cup of decaf coffee has about 3 mg of caffeine.

There are a few methods to removing caffeine from coffee beans, but the best decaffeination method is Swiss Water Processed because it uses zero chemicals in the decaffeination process.

Instead, the Swiss Water method uses water to remove 99.9% of caffeine from coffee beans. This is a completely chemical-free process without using a chemical solvent that is better for the environment and your health.

Decaf coffee may also help reduce heartburn and coffee.

Choosing Decaf Coffee Brands

If you’ve ever consumed coffee too late in the day and been kept awake at night, or find yourself feeling jittery after sipping coffee, try any of these decaf coffees for the same great flavor without the extra jolt!

By purchasing certified organic coffee beans, you can maximize the benefits of your beans without risk of consuming pesticides that may have been sprayed on the coffee.

It you take the extra step and choose coffee beans that are both organic and fair trade, that benefits both the farmers and the planet. Fair trade means the farmers are paid a living wage and given the resources to offset potentially harmful farming practices.

You can buy organic (and often fair trade) decaf coffee in whole beans, ground, and even coffee pods now. I’ve included the best organic decaf coffee brands below.

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How To Make the Best Tasting Decaf Coffee

This may come to you as a surprise, but decaf coffee brews the exact same way as regular coffee!

So, if you’re a two-cups-in-the-morning kind of person, you don’t have to change a thing. Love a sweet treat in the afternoon with a latte or Frappuccino? You can make the same drinks with decaf coffee and decaf espresso beans.

Let me share the best decaf coffee beans on the market today.

Best Organic Decaf Coffee

1. Best Organic Dark Roast: Kicking Horse Coffee

kicking horse coffee bag.
Kicking Horse Decaf Coffee Beans.

Dark Roast and chocolate lovers, this one’s for you!

This dark roast whole bean coffee has a rich, chocolatey finish that pairs well with the French Press, a pour over, or cold brew brewing method.

See my related list of the best French Press coffee.

Plus, it is certified USDA Organic and Fairtrade International, which means it’s good for you and the globe.

Kicking Horse Coffee is one of the best options if you’re searching for a new brand of decaf beans. It is also Swiss water processed.

2. Best Organic Medium Dark Roast: No Fun Jo by Jo Coffee

a bag of No Fun Jo Decaf Coffee.
No Fun Decaf Jo.

Small Business Jo Coffee offers a decaf coffee with complex notes of blueberry and milk chocolate, with no flavors added.

This decaf organic ground coffee is a medium dark roast, giving you something easy to sip on.

It’s also worry-free with its certified USDA Organic, Fairtrade, Kosher ground coffee beans. It has a rich flavor and is a great choice when you want a great ground decaf coffee option.

I love this one for making my Maca Coffee recipe.

3. Best Organic Decaf Espresso: Organic Coffee Co.’s Hurricane Espresso

a bag of Hurricane Espresso Decaf Coffee.
Organic Coffee Co Decaf Espresso.

With a name like “hurricane espresso” you’d guess this coffee would give you quite the jolt!

But this Swiss Water Process decaf whole bean espresso leaves you with a full-bodied cup of coffee and calm aftertaste.

Well suited for all types of coffee brewing (drip machines, espresso maker, French press, Aeropress, pour over, moka pot) these whole beans are a great value as well.

This brand has been Swiss water processed and is certified organic.

4. Best Value Decaf Coffee: Buzz Free Decaf by 365 WholeFoods Market

a bag of Buzz Free Decaf coffee.
365 Decaf Coffee.

For coffee drinkers on a budget, this Buzz Free decaf ground coffee is perfect for a mellow cup.

It’s a medium roast Swiss Water Process decaf coffee that is certified USDA organic. This one is made using Arabica beans which tend to be lower in acids as well.

Great for your daily morning coffee routine! You can find these at all Whole Foods grocery stores or online.

5. Best Organic Specialty Coffee: Chill by Four Sigmatic

four sigmate decaf coffee.
Four Sigmatic Decaf Coffee.

This Swiss water decaf ground coffee is nutrient-packed and is very smooth in flavor.

It’s a decaf blend that’s great for coffee lovers who also want some additional potential health benefits.

This coffee is infused with two mushroom extracts to help you chill and relax: Reishi mushroom extract can help reduce stress levels and improve sleep, while Chaga mushroom extract may support the immune system by helping to reduce inflammation and lower blood sugar.

As always, consult your doctor before trying supplements, but this is a great, mellow medium roast and specialty coffee that you’re sure to enjoy!

6. Best Organic Low Acid Coffee: Lifeboost Coffee

a bag of Lifeboost Coffee in decaf.
Lifeboost Decaf Coffee.

Lifeboost is a small business with big goals: to bring you the best, ethically-sourced organic coffee that is low in acids and 3rd-party tested for pesticides and mycotoxins.

The decaf medium ground coffee is Swiss Water Processed, certified organic, and single-origin non-GMO low acid coffee.

A smooth brew that is easy on your stomach. See my full list of the best low acid coffees!

Lifeboost is perfect for daily sipping by coffee lovers.

7. Best Organic Decaf K-Cups: Gorilla Decaf

gorilla organic decaf coffee pod.
Gorilla Decaf pod.

As a decaf drinker myself, I’ve experimented with a lot of different brands and brewing methods. My daily favorite is to use my Keurig machine with a Gorilla Decaf pod.

These are a medium light roast made in a compostable coffee pod.

Not to mention, the coffee is decaffeinated using the water process method. The coffee is also organic and fair-trade. It’s yummy and is a great option if you want to use a Keurig machine (this is similar the one I have).

Runner’s Up: Purity Coffee

Purity was recommended by one of my blog readers.

It looks great! It is 3rd party tested for mold, mycotoxins, and pesticides, and comes in several varieties of roasts.

Best Decaf Coffee FAQs

What decaf coffee is not bitter?

To find the least bitter decaf coffee, choose beans that have been decaffeinated using the Swiss Water or CO2 Process, and prioritize Arabica over Robusta beans. Consider lighter roasts, and try cold brewing. Ensure freshness by storing coffee properly, and consider using filtered water and adjusting the coffee-to-water ratio during brewing.

Do doctors recommend decaf coffee?

Doctors may recommend decaf coffee for individuals sensitive to caffeine or those with certain medical conditions where caffeine intake should be limited such as pregnancy, anxiety, or heart disease. Be sure to talk with your healthcare provider about whether or not you should be drinking decaf coffee.

Is decaffeinated coffee healthier than regular?

Decaffeinated coffee offers a similar nutritional profile to regular coffee without the caffeine, making it a good choice for those sensitive to caffeine or with conditions affected by it.

What is the healthiest method of decaf coffee?

The Swiss Water Process is considered one of the healthiest methods for decaffeinating coffee because it doesn’t use chemical solvents. Instead, it relies on water and osmosis to remove caffeine while retaining the coffee’s flavor. This method ensures a chemical-free decaf coffee, making it a preferred choice for health-conscious consumers.

All of the best decaf coffee brands I recommended in this article use the Swiss Water Process method!

Decaf Coffee Conclusions

Whether you’re ready to ditch caffeine or have already long enjoyed decaf coffee, these best coffee brands will have you sipping without the buzz. Enjoy your cup hot, iced, sweetened, or frothed without any jitters.

Choosing organic, fair trade, and Swiss Water processed is the best way to get great coffee that’s good for you and our planet. By exploring the brands on this list you’ll find the best brew for your budget and your tastebuds!

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Note: this post is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider for recommendations related to your individual situation.