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Air Fryer Healthy Desserts (Guilt-Free Recipes)

Here are some amazing healthy Air Fryer Dessert Recipes that are gluten-free and made with real food ingredients. These yummy recipes are so easy when made right in the air fryer.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these healthier desserts that take less oil and less time to make than in the regular oven.

Some of my favorite healthy air fried desserts using simple ingredients include: Air Fried Bananas, Air Fried Banana Fritters, and Air Fried Blueberry Muffins.

The best part is that you can make any of your favorite deep fried desserts in the air fryer without all the oil. The hot air will circulate and create a crispy exterior, but without deep frying.

So, whether you want to make healthy dessert recipes to stick to your weight loss goals or you just want easy air fryer recipes and tasty treats, I’ve got you covered!

I also love these Air Fried Cookies and Air Fried Apples.