In this blog post, I’ll review the question of whether Essentia Water is healthy or not. Find out this product’s nutrition pros and cons, plus other options to consider. For most people, Essentia is healthy but there are less expensive ways to hydrate. Plus, most people do not need to drink alkaline water.

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Essentia Water Facts

Entrepreneur and water lover Ken Uptain launched Essentia Water after discovering alkaline water and ionization technology on a trip to Japan in 1998.

In March 2021, Nestlé USA acquired Essentia Water as part of its premium water portfolio.

The leading bottled water product is aimed at people who enjoy superior hydration with smooth-tasting water and at those who drink ionized alkaline water. 

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Essentia Water Ingredients

Essentia Water is an alkaline water brand with trace amounts of electrolytes.

What makes it different from regular filtered water is not the ingredients, but how it’s processed (read more about the benefits of reverse osmosis water). It starts with regular water and a purification process that uses reverse osmosis and microfiltration to remove contaminants. The company claims that this process makes the water 99.9% pure. 

The next step is to infuse trace amounts of a proprietary mineral blend into the water. The company does not specify the minerals they use but claims that the formulation is designed to complement a body’s natural mix for good health. 

The final step is to ionize the water, which removes acidic ions that taste bitter, resulting in filtered water with a smooth, clean taste and a pH of 9.5 or more. Alkaline water has a higher pH level that regular tap water on the pH scale.

According to the company, it sources Essentia Water locally, and the process it undergoes removes all traces of chlorine and fluoride, but the website does not mention the type of water. 

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Essentia Nutrition Pros

Drinking enough water is essential for overall health. Some people may prefer the taste of Essentia Water, so it could be an option for them to stay hydrated. Water is also a less risky beverage than energy drinks such as Celsius Drink (see why you should avoid Celsius).

Others believe that maintaining a slightly alkaline pH in the body can help counteract the effects of an acidic diet and promote overall health. 

Essentia Nutrition Cons

There is limited scientific evidence to support many of the specific health claims made by alkaline water brands like Essentia Water.

Research shows that alkaline water does not have a significantly good effect on the gut microbiome, fitness, urine pH, or blood parameters. Instead, consuming demineralized water in the long term can cause reduced absorption of certain nutrients. 

It’s also not healthy to drink too much alkaline water with meals, and if you have kidney disease, you should speak to your doctor first.

Essentia Water is expensive and comes in a plastic bottle. Even though Essentia Water uses recyclable, phthalate, and BPA-free plastic, it’s still plastic, and many people choose not to recycle.

Plastic waste is a massive problem, and we should try to avoid it. It’s always best to use a glass bottle or reusable container for your water. 

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Is Essentia Water good for you? 

It can be good for you. Like any water, Essentia Water is good for hydration.

The high pH in Essentia Water means it’s alkaline. Some people believe that maintaining a slightly alkaline pH in the body may have health benefits, although scientific evidence supporting these claims is limited.

On the flip side, Essentia Water is packaged in plastic, and drinking water from plastic may have risks like chemical leaching and microplastic contamination. Some plastics in bottles contain chemicals that can leach into the water, especially when the bottles are exposed to heat. Since Essentia Water bottles are made with phthalate and BPA-free plastic, this is not likely a risk with this brand. However, microplastic contamination is still a potential health risk with this brand.

According to research, plastic bottles can release microplastic particles into the water they contain. When you drink water out of plastic bottles, you run the risk of consuming these tiny plastic particles. Scientists are still studying the long-term health effects of these particles. Drinking regular filtered water from glass containers is likely a better option with no potential health risks. 

Is drinking Essentia Water bad for the environment?

The Essentia Water website shows a firm policy on sustainability and states that the plastic bottles used are recyclable.

Plastic water bottles contribute to environmental pollution, even when they are recyclable. They are made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource, and often end up in landfills or as litter in oceans and other ecosystems.

This pollution can harm wildlife and ecosystems, and the process of producing and disposing of plastic bottles can contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

Can I buy Essentia Water in a glass bottle? 

No, it’s only available in a recyclable plastic bottle or a two-gallon box made with less plastic and recycled corrugate. It’s always better and more earth-friendly to use containers that can be used repeatedly, like glass bottles. 

Can I drink alkaline water with meals?

You can have some alkaline water with a meal, but you may choose to limit this practice. If you choose to drink Essentia Water or other alkaline beverages, it’s best to only consume larger quantities of it half an hour to an hour before you enjoy your meal. Your stomach needs acid to digest your food, and the alkalinity in Essentia Water can reduce acidity and may interfere with your digestive process which may have negative effects. 

Is it necessary to drink alkaline ionized water?

No, it’s not. There is currently insufficient scientific evidence to support many of the specific health claims associated with alkaline ionized water. The human body has a sophisticated system for maintaining pH balance, and there is limited scientific evidence to support the idea that drinking alkaline water significantly affects the body’s pH levels. 

Unless you have underlying health issues, your body’s alkalinity should be naturally balanced with a healthy lifestyle and diet. The benefits of alkaline water are not proven by any clinical study.


Although Essentia Water is probably a better option than soda or other sugary drinks, you can hydrate with regular filtered, carbonated, or coconut water. Essentia Water is expensive if you’re only drinking it for hydration, and it is manufactured in plastic bottles. If you feel you need to raise your alkalinity, it’s best to adopt a healthy lifestyle with a real food diet, or if you’re unsure, talk to a medical professional. 

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