Make Halloween fun, scary, and safe with these Healthy Halloween Treats and Snacks that are all homemade and made allergy-friendly without dairy or gluten. These DIY treats and snacks are perfect for the spooky holiday. Find recipes plus inspiration for the cutest Halloween foods you’ve ever seen.

healthy halloween snack tray with lots of spooky goodies.

I hope you enjoy this round-up of healthy Halloween treats.

These adorable treats are great for Halloween and autumn-themed parties and potlucks, plus ideas for trick-or-treaters too. Make them for a family party or just for you and your kids.

I’ve tried to include allergy-friendly options, all using real food ingredients. Whatever you choose, I hope you have a healthy, safe, and happy Halloween!

funny face made using an apple and strawberry.
Halloween apple slices.

There are so many creative ways to cut fruit into Halloween shapes.

Try cutting a green apple into a wedge, cut out a section, and put some almond butter inside. Add a slice of strawberry for the tongue, capers or raisins for the teeth, and candy googly-eyes for extra effect. 

You can also add some healthy fruit kabobs to your Halloween snack tray as well. See how I made these Patriotic Fruit Kabobs or these Grinch Fruit Kabobs.

2. Black and Orange Colorful Popcorn

popcorn in various colors.
Colorful popcorn.

To make this Halloween version of popcorn, you’ll need one cup of corn kernels, plus some natural black and orange food colorings.

The black color can come from 2-3 capsules of activated charcoal and the orange can come from mixing a 1/4 teaspoon each of dried beet powder and dried turmeric.

Pop the popcorn as you would normally, either on the stovetop or in a popcorn machine. Divide the popped popcorn into two large bowls. 

Then, grab two small bowls and put a tablespoon of melted coconut oil in each one. Whisk in the natural food coloring in each bowl, and then pour the coconut oil over the popcorn. Toss to disperse the food coloring.

3. Homemade Halloween Gummies

halloween gummies on a plate.
Halloween gummies.

These adorable Halloween molds are so fun and perfect for making Halloween gummies!

Use 100% juice and grass-fed gelatin, plus raw honey or maple syrup to sweeten. You’ll need about 1 cup of juice to two tablespoons of gelatin and sweetener to make your gummies.

You can use my recipe for Homemade Gummy Bears as a tutorial.

Or, check out these Vegan Gummies if you don’t want to use gelatin.

4. Spooky Green Smoothie

green smoothie in halloween themed glasses.
Frankenstein green smoothie.

For extra nutrition and fun on Halloween, try serving a green smoothie in chocolate-rimmed Halloween-themed glasses.

The ones featured in the photo are Frankenstein-themed and made by dipping glasses in melted chocolate to make the hair and then using piped melted chocolate to make the face.

Your kiddos won’t complain about drinking their greens from these adorable glasses (plus the chocolate helps the smoothie taste better too)!

5. Black and Orange Chia Pudding

orange and black chia pudding with scary gummy eyes.
Halloween chia pudding.

Layered chia puddings are one of my favorite healthy Halloween or anytime-of-year snacks.

For this fun Halloween Chia Pudding, I divided two cups of almond milk and mixed each cup with 1/4 cup of chia seeds, plus my all natural orange and black food colorings.

I topped the chia pudding with a scary eyeball gummy! 

6. Candy Free From Hydrogenated Oils

jack o lantern filled with candy corn.

It is possible to find healthier candy made without those nasty trans fats and artificial colors and flavors.

Surf Sweets, Smart Sweets, and YumEarth are my favorite brand for a wholesome candy. YumEarth makes pre-portioned lolly pops for handing out to trick-or-treaters. Smart Sweets also has some small bags for handing out.

7. Sweet Potato Jack O’Lanterns

sweet potato jack o'lanterns on a plate.
Halloween sweet potatoes.

These super fun jack o’lanterns are cut out of sweet potato slices! They, they are baked in the oven for a simple Halloween-themed side dish or snack. This recipe is vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free.

Get the recipe for these sweet potato jack o’lanterns.

8. Halloween Cookies

assortment of adorable Halloween cookies on table.
Halloween cookies.

I get that you aren’t supposed to give out homemade treats to kids on Halloween, but for your own family and friends, making a wholesome homemade treat using real food is such a great way to celebrate.

And, cookies or cupcakes always look inviting on your Halloween snack board.

There are some amazing mixes out there that are free from preservatives and make home baking so easy! Simple Mills makes a great gluten-free cupcake mix, and King Arthur makes a perfect gluten-free sugar cookie mix.

Halloween Snack FAQs

Where can you buy vegan candy corn?

As far as I know, there are not any readily available vegan candy corn brands on the market. If you are gluten-free, you can buy this brand of kosher and gluten-free candy corn (contains egg and honey).

What should I not include on my Halloween snack tray?

It’s always a good idea to only include edible items on your snack tray. So, leave off any toys or garnishes that aren’t edible. You wouldn’t want someone to eat something that isn’t meant to be eaten.
You may also wish to avoid any small foods or candy that might be a choking hazard for small children.

What kind of food do you have at a kid’s Halloween party?

At a kid’s Halloween party, you don’t have to serve just candy. Consider serving ghost bananas (halved bananas with raisin or blueberry eyes), tangerine pumpkins (peeled tangerines with a celery stick as the stem), or apple slices with a strawberry slice tongue. Veggie platters can be arranged in spooky shapes or designs, and dips like hummus or yogurt can be dyed with natural colors to fit the theme. For drinks, unsweetened apple cider or water with creepy ice cubes (frozen berries inside) can be refreshing and in line with the Halloween spirit.

If your child or other children have food allergies, be sure to offer these treats on a separate platter and let everyone know which treats are appropriate for which children.

three jack o'lanterns on a porch.

How Can I Make Halloween Healthier?

Instead of traditional Halloween candy, consider healthier snack alternatives that still capture the festive spirit.

Try roasted pumpkin seeds seasoned with various spices, dark chocolate-covered almonds or dried fruit, and trail mix blends that combine nuts, seeds, and a hint of natural sweetness from raisins or dried cranberries. Fresh fruit, like apple slices with nut butter or ghost banana bites, can also be satisfying treats.

Or, try any of the other options and recipes listed in this post.

Choosing these alternatives not only reduces sugar intake but also provides nutritional benefits.

halloween snacks made with fruits.
Healthy Halloween fruit snacks.

Now it’s your turn! Share with me your favorite healthy Halloween treats, either ones you enjoy at home or ones you plan to share with kids this year.

P.S. Don’t miss my Roasted Cauliflower Brain recipe if you’re hosting a Halloween dinner party and want a ghoulish side dish.

Halloween is so much more about candy! You can share healthy treats and fun activities to keep your children healthy and safe.

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