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Clean Eating Desserts

A clean eating diet doesn’t mean you have to give up treats! The idea is to choose unprocessed ingredients and recipes, ideally made from scratch. This ensures that you can use quality ingredients and you can adapt the recipe to your individual needs.

And, of course, eating clean eating desserts like cookies and cakes should be balanced with an overall health diet that includes lots of vegetables, lean protein, complex carbs, and lower-calorie foods.

All of the clean dessert recipes below are gluten-free and dairy-free, with no refined sugars. From cookies to pies, cakes, bars, and energy balls, you’re certain to find a recipe to tempt you! These clean eating dessert recipes are all guilt-free and made using real food ingredients.

Don’t miss the recipes for Double Chocolate Edible Brownie BatterDairy-Free Pumpkin Pie Pudding, Vitamix Fruit Sorbet, Air Fryer Bananas, and Mango Coconut Ice Cream.

I even have recipes for Frozen Grapes, Vitamix Ice Cream, and Dairy-Free Sugar Cookies which are all clean eating desserts made easy and delicious.

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