There are so many healthy grab-and-go snack options now that are satisfying and healthy. Here are nine of the best healthy gluten-free packaged snacks for travel that are perfect for on the road or for back to school. These are all gluten-free and dairy-free.

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While we would all ideally be snacking on vegetable sticks, fresh fruit, or some other unprocessed food while we’re traveling, sometimes we need the convenience of packaged gluten-free snacks that are easy to throw into a bag or backpack.

In this newly updated blog post, I’ve rounded up some of the best gluten-free travel snacks that also happen to be dairy-free and reasonably healthy at the same time! These pre-packaged ideas are great for when you’re on the road, or for back to school (see my other list of the best homemade clean eating snacks, the best Low Histamine Snacks, or my list of the best low FODMAP snacks).

If you’re new to eating this way, you may also want to read my tips on the best way to get started on a gluten-free and dairy-free diet.

🧳 Best Packaged Travel Snacks

This round-up of healthy travel snacks includes items that are meant to be eaten without too much fuss, while also providing nutrition. I’ve included a selection of protein bars, nuts, granola, chocolate, beef jerky, and more.

Whether you need a snack or a meal replacement while you’re on the road, it’s always nice to avoid too many processed ingredients and to stick with a balance of protein, carbs, and fat. You also need to be cautious of eating too much sugar which can cause your energy to crash later on.

It’s also important to stay hydrated while traveling and to observe any local restrictions regarding virus protection. With that, it’s on to the snacks!

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1. Protein Bars

Protein bars can be a real life-saver if you don’t have time to eat a regular meal. There are so many amazing gluten-free and dairy-free protein bars on the market these days.

If you have other dietary restrictions or food sensitivities, be sure to read the labels carefully to make sure you know what’s in your bar.

Some favorites include Exo Bars (with cricket protein), Go Macro Bars, Bulletproof Collagen protein bars, and RX Bars.

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2. Granola

If you have a sweet tooth like me, it’s nice to have some gluten-free granola in your backpack. It’s a nice snack or dessert once you reach your destination.

And, you don’t even need milk to enjoy granola. Simply portion it into smaller baggies, or just take the whole bag and grab a handful as needed. Serve plain or with a sliced banana.

Some of my favorite gluten-free granola brands include: Lark Ellen Granola, Paleonola, and Purely Elizabeth.

bowl of granola served with a sliced banana and nut butter

3. Crackers

Next up for a healthy, savory gluten-free snack are crackers. Many brands these days come in pouches which can be thrown into a bag or backpack. Crackers are a nice crunchy snack and can be paired with nut butter or cheese (unless you’re dairy-free).

Some favorite brands include Mary’s Gone Crackers, Flackers, and Simple Mills.

If you don’t want to spend money to buy the packaged versions and prefer to make your own, try my recipe for Healthy Seed Crackers.

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4. Roasted or Raw Nuts

Another great gluten free snack option are plain raw or roasted nuts. They’re just so satisfying and kiddos will usually eat them too. Look for organic, dry-roasted and salted for the best flavor.

I like cashews, pistachios, and macadamia nuts.

5. Organic Beef Jerky

Whether you’re traveling or just out for the day, it’s nice to have a protein snack to help keep your energy up. One of my favorite gluten-free protein snacks is organic beef jerky since it tastes good and does the trick.

Don’t miss my post with the Best Sugar-Free Beef Jerky Brands.

beef jerky in a bag

6. Almond Butter Snack Packs

I think you’re also going to love these travel packets of almond butters. Keep a couple in your bag and eat plain, or with an apple or banana. Nut butter and fruit is always a great option for a gluten-free snack.

Note: If you are traveling by airplane, you may not be able to put these in your carry-on luggage, but you can definitely check these or save them for road trips.

7. Dried Fruit

If you have a sweet tooth, consider bringing along some dried mango, dried banana, or dried apples. The fruit will give you a quick burst of energy without any added sugars. Just be sure to read the labels of any package you buy to make sure it’s 100% fruit.

If I have extra time before a trip, you can also make your own dehydrated snacks, such as Watermelon Jerky. Dehydrated veggies and fruit in general make excellent snacks since they can be stored at room temperature.

You can also go for freeze-dried fruits which are crunchy as opposed to soft and chewy.

dried fruit and nuts on a tabletop with spoon.

8. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate always does the trick when you’re on the road and need a quick pick-me-up. Look for brands that are 70% or more to get the darkest chocolate with the least amount of sugar.

I like Green & Black bars and Theo bars.

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9. Collagen Peptides Travel Packs

The last item I keep in my bag whenever I’m traveling or on the road are these Vital Proteins collagen peptides single-serving sticks. I use at least one of these a day when I travel, either pouring the peptides on my breakfast porridge or into a hot beverage.

Each stick has 9 grams of protein so these are a must-have IMHO for healthy travel (these are a must-have for healthy cruise travel).

Plus, the collagen is great to help keep hair, skin, and nails smooth and strong (learn more about collagen protein). Nutrition plus beauty benefits make this snack a double-win.


You don’t have to worry about eating junk or getting exposed to gluten if you plan ahead and make sure you have plenty of gluten-free snacks when you’re on the road, on campus, or traveling. This post includes gluten-free snack options that you can keep in your pantry or backpack to help you stay nourished and energized.

Stay well and travel safe! 

Note: this post is not sponsored! All opinions are my own.

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