Here’s the most comprehensive list of Fruits that Start with E. Who knew that there was such a variety of fruits? You’re sure to find some familiar fruits on this list, along with some exotic ones you’ve probably never heard of.

Close up view of elderberries on a plant.

18 Best Fruits That Starts With E

1. Early Girl Tomato

The Early Girl tomato is a medium-sized globe-shaped fruit that is popular with home gardeners because of how early it ripens. This hybrid tomato was developed in France, and today it is grown throughout the United States.

The Early Girl tomato is a round red tomato that tastes sweet. This tomato has a mild, old-fashioned tomato taste with a nice balance of sweetness and acidity.

2. Early Gold Mango

The early-season “Earlygold” mango is a Pine Island, Florida-bred variety. The fruit is oblong, weighs less than a pound on average, and has a little lateral beak.

The dark golden, fiberless flesh has a pleasant, aromatic flavor and ripens between May and June. Mangos are high in vitamin C and are great in fruit salads or served with ice cream.

Red eastern hawthorn fruit on a tree outside.
Eastern Hawthorn Fruit.

3. Eastern Hawthorn Fruit

The berries, known as Haws, taste like a mild apple, but the flesh is dense and dry.

Hawthorn fruit is less common in the Pacific Northwest, although it has been observed as far east as eastern Washington. However, it’s not unusual to encounter this species across much of the United States.

4. Edward Mango

South Florida is where the Edward Mango first appeared. Major Florida nurseries continue to produce Edward Mango today.

This tropical fruit is a bright yellow to orange in color and delicate in texture. The flesh has a distinct, pleasant fragrance. Mangos are delicious fruits high in dietary fiber.

A bunch of egusi melons together.
Egusi melons.

5. Egusi

Egusi is similar to melon and actually looks like a smaller version of a watermelon. The Egusi is native to Western Africa and may be found in various dry, humid, and tropical climates.

The flesh is bitter and dry, but the seeds are very tasty.

6. Elands Sour Fig

This edible succulent has a beautiful bright purple flower. Its edible fruit can be made into a jam.

When ripe, the fruit contains an edible slimy pulp with shiny brown seeds. Sour figs are grown in warm, humid climates near the coast.

7. Elderberry

Elderberry or Sambucus was once part of the honeysuckle family but later reclassified Adoxaceae.

The American elderberry is a plant that grows throughout North America east of the Rocky Mountains, south through eastern Mexico, and from Central America to Panama.

Elderberry is small, round and dark purple in color. Its taste is said to be very similar to that of the lychee, with some pear-like undertones. These fruits have medicinal properties and are often cooked into a syrup.

8. Elephant Apple Fruit

Elephant apple is a species of Dillenia indigenous to China and tropical Asia.

The Elephant Apple is round and green and looks like a green tomato. The fruits have a sour-to-sweet-sour flavor when completely ripe. The pulp is frequently used to produce vinegar, jam, and drinks.

9. Emblica

The plant called Emblica, which was once only found in India, is now being grown in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia, China, and Malaysia.

Indian Emblica is highly fibrous and has a sour, bitter, and astringent flavor. The emblica fruit is spherical in shape, meaty, and smooth, with a yellowish-green tint.

Emu apples hanging on a tree outside.
Emu apples.

10. Emu Apple Fruit

This fruit comes from an Australian tree and is about as large as a small nectarine.

The fruit has a spicy apple flavor, even though the multicolored red, green, and purple berries resemble blueberries in size and shape.

11. Emu Berry Fruit

The term “emu berry” is used to describe several Australian plants. They may be found in large parts of Australia, favoring woodlands and forested areas.

Emu berries are a small berry-like fruit with a sweet flavor.

12. Ensete

Ensete is a wild relative of the banana that was domesticated in Ethiopia’s Highlands.

It has a banana plant-like appearance, grows like a root vegetable, and has a flatbread-like flavor.

13. Entawak Fruit

Entawak fruit is native to Borneo and southern Sumatra.

This fruit is round and brownish-yellow in color. Its orange-red flesh has a flavor that some people have compared to pumpkin, and its edible seeds are frequently eaten after being roasted and salted.

14. Enterprise Apple

This fruit is a red, late-ripening cultivar of domesticated apples. It is a product of modern breeding. The Agricultural Experimental Stations in Illinois, Indiana, and New Jersey collaborated to create the cultivar known as Enterprise.

The flavor of Enterprise apples is frequently compared to that of a Fuji. Its spiciness complements cinnamon and other warm flavors wonderfully. With storage, the fruit’s flavor develops into a delightful tartness.

Ephedra fruits on a plant outside.
Ephedra fruits.

15. Ephedra

Ephedra, also known as Sea Grape, is a small red fruit that comes from a ground-dwelling plant with exotic needle-like leaves.

Many dry parts of the world, including southwestern North America, southern Europe, northern Africa, southwest and central Asia, northern China, and western South America, are home to the numerous species of Ephedra. This fruit is known for having a mild, sweet flavor.

16. Etrog

One of the four species used during the seven-day Sukkot holiday is Etrog, also known as Citrus medica or yellow citron. Choosing an etrog to fulfill the Sukkot holiday ceremonies is frequently done with great attention.

Etrog was first grown in the Mediterranean. Today, Sicily, Corsica, Crete, Greece, Israel, and a few nations in Central and South America are the main places where this citrus fruit is grown.

The Etrog is a medium-sized fruit with a lemon-like flavor and aroma that resembles a bumpy lemon.

Two green european pears on a tree outside.
European pears.

17. European Pear

The European Pear is a kind of pear that is indigenous to western Asia, as well as central and eastern Europe.

The European-grown pear has a natural pear form. Each fruit features a long, curving stem with an extended neck, a narrow midsection, and an elongated, rounded bottom. These pears have a lovely spicy-sweet flavor.

18. Evergreen Huckleberry

Winter huckleberry and California huckleberry are other names for the North American species of flowering shrub known as Evergreen Huckleberry. This fruit has a flavor akin to blueberries but is frequently smaller.

From British Columbia to California, the west side of the Cascade Mountains is home to the evergreen huckleberry. It is typical among the redwoods around the California coast but sporadic further south.

Bonus fruits

Additional fruits that start with e include egg fruit and evergreen huckleberries.


Fruit is a delicious and essential part of any balanced diet. With so many different types of fruit to choose from, it’s easy to find one that suits your taste.

Whether you’re looking for something sweet or tart, there’s sure to be a fruit out there that will satisfy your cravings. So go ahead and explore all the different kinds of fruit that start with the letter E-you might just find a new favorite!

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