There are many different types of fruit that start with the letter Z. Some of the most popular ones include zucchini, Zinfandel grapes, and zebra fruit. Each of these fruits offers unique health benefits that make them worth incorporating into your diet. Enjoy this list of 12 fruits that start with Z!

A couple of zebra melons on a wooden surface.

Whether you’re playing a word game or you are just curious, here are the best fruits that start with the letter Z.

It may be difficult to find these fruits where you live, but you can always ask the produce manager at your local grocery store if he or she can order you some. Or, check your farmer’s market to see if any of these fruits grow locally in your area.

Fruit That Starts with Z

Let’s get started with this list of fruits. Some of these fruits include the scientific name and some include the common name. I bet there are some on this list that you have never heard of!

1. Zabergau Reinette Apples

The Zabergau Reinette is a type of apple that is native to Germany. This apple variety is small to medium in size with a yellow color.

The skin of the Zabergau Reinette apple is smooth and thin. This apple variety has a crisp, juicy flesh with a sweet-tart flavor. The Zabergau Reinette apple ripens in winter and can be eaten fresh or used in pies, jams, and other desserts.

2. Zalzalak

The Zalzalak is a fruit that is similar to the crab apple. It is typically grown in Europe, Asia, North Africa, and North America in the Northern Hemisphere.

This fruit is small and round with a yellowish-pink color and sometimes bright red. Zalzalak fruit is similar to peaches and plums in size and taste as they are sweet with a hint of sourness.

3. Zante Currants

Zante Currants are raisins that come from a black Corinth seedless grape. These currants originate from the Ionian island of Zakynthos.

Zante currants are grown on vines in direct sunlight. They typically grow the most in Greece, California, South Africa, and Australia.

These currants are small and cylinder-shaped. They are reddish-black in color with very thin skin. They are juicy, soft, and practically seedless. They have an intensely sweet flavor and work well in bread, cakes, and puddings. I use currants interchangeable with raisins.

Try currants in this recipe for Air Fryer Granola!

A bamboo bowl filled with zante currants on the vine.
Black Corinth seedless grape.

4. Zarzamora

The Zarzamora is a type of blackberry that is native to Spain, but you can find them growing on shrubs all across the world.

The Zarzamora fruit is small and round with a dark red or purple color. This fruit is also bumpy with a similar texture to a blackberry. Zarzamora fruit has a sweet, tart flavor that is perfect for making desserts.

5. Zawngtah

The Zawngtah is also known as a bitter bean or stink bean. It originated in India and is grown on shade trees. This fruit closely resembles almonds in size, shape, and flavor.

Since the Zawngtah fruit has a nutty flavor and smells like mushrooms, it works best in savory dishes like stir-fries and other Asian-type dishes.

6. Zebra Melon

The zebra melon is distantly related to melons that are grown in Europe and northern Africa. However, they do best when grown in warmer climates.

Zebra melons are a type of melon that is small to medium in size and circular or oval in form. This fruit has rough skin, and it is gray-green in color on the outside and an orange color on the inside.

This fruit is very tender and juicy with a musky, floral fragrance and has a sweet, honeyed flavor.

7. Zhe Fruit

The Zhe fruit is a mulberry-like fruit that is native to East Asia. This fruit is also known as storehousebush, mandarin melon berry, cudrang, and kujibbong.

Zhe fruits are grown on a Zhe fruit tree and are small in size. They have a red color and a bumpy texture. Zhe has a delicate, sweet flavor that may be considered similar to melon, mulberry, or fig.

8. Zig Zag Tree Vine

The Zig Zag Tree Vine fruit is native to New Guinea and Queensland, and New South Wales.

This fruit can be found year-round on the vine. It has a great flavor and is great for making sauces in gourmet dishes.

Zig Zag fruits has a soft pulp and a pleasant but acidic taste. It is red-orange in color and is peanut-shaped.

9. Zinfandel Grapes

Zinfandel grapes are also known as Primitivo. They are a variety of black-skinned grapes primarily used to make wine.

This variety of grapes is grown in over 10% of California vineyards. This variety is traditionally grown in Apulia, Italy, where it was first introduced in the 18th century.

Zinfandel grapes are small, round, and dark purple in color. These grapes have high sugar content, are acidic, and have a very sweet fruity flavor with touches of spice, plum, and blackberry.

A bunch of Zinfandel grapes in a vineyard.
Zinfandel Grapes

10. Ziziphus Jujube Fruit

This fruit originated in Southern Asia but has recently become popular worldwide. Ziziphus fruit is often used as an alternative medicine to help treat sleep problems and anxiety.

The Ziziphus Jujube Fruit is round and small in size. It contains a pit and grows on large shrubs and trees among flowers. When this fruit is ripe, it is a dark red or purple color with a slightly wrinkled texture.

The scientific name is Ziziphus mauritiana.

11. Zucchini

Zucchini is low in calories and a good source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, potassium, and manganese. This squash is also a good source of fiber.

Zucchini is a summer squash that is typically dark green in color, although it can also be golden yellow in some instances. Most people think of it as a vegetable, but it’s technically a fruit.

Zucchini is native to Central America and Mexico and is grown throughout the United States. However, zucchini fruit does best in warmer climates.

Zucchini can be eaten raw, cooked, or used as an ingredient in various recipes. When cooked, zucchini has a soft texture and a slightly sweet flavor. I like to freeze zucchini and use it in my Zucchini Strawberry Smoothie.

12. Zwetschge

Zwetschge is a type of plum that is also known as a prune plum. It is native to Germany. This fruit is also sometimes known as a blue plum, prune plum, or damask plum.

The Zwetschge fruit is small and oval-shaped. It has smooth, purple skin. This fruit is typically used in pies, jams, and other desserts. They are also great for making prunes.

The Zwetschge plum has a sweet taste with a hint of tartness. It is a relatively soft fruit that can be easily bruised. Zwetschge typically ripens in August and September in the Northern Hemisphere.

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As you can see, there are many different types of fruit that start with the letter z. Each of these fruits offers unique health benefits that make them worth incorporating into your diet.

Whether you are looking for a new type of grape to try, want to add some zucchini to your dinner menu, or are in the mood for a sweet and tart treat, there is a “z” fruit for you. So, next time you are at the grocery store, be sure to pick up some of these delicious fruits.

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