Broccoli sprouts are an incredibly healthy food that you can grow at home right on your kitchen countertop. But, how are you supposed to eat broccoli sprouts? This article includes over 10 delicious ways to enjoy broccoli sprouts.

bowl with fresh broccoli sprouts ready to be eaten.

Broccoli Sprout Benefits

Eating broccoli sprouts regularly is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to increase your intake of sulforaphane, a natural compound that has cancer-preventing properties.

Sulforaphane belongs generally to a class of healthy compounds called phytonutrients, and then into a more specific class called isothiocyanates. Sulforaphane in particular has been studies for its role in detoxification, cancer prevention, tumor reduction, and even obesity prevention.

The foods rich in sulforaphane are generally ones that fall into the cruciferous family. So, that includes broccoli, broccoli sprouts, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, bok choy, collard greens, and more.

It sounds too good to be true, but at least one study has shown that mice fed broccoli sprouts had a reduced incidence in cancer tumor growth. Rat studies aren’t the same as human studies, but these types of results prove the potential for broccoli sprouts to reduce the grown of cancer cells.

While you may want to talk to your doctor or healthcare provider to get more specific input, most people would likely benefit from eating dark leafy greens and vegetables including broccoli sprouts on a daily basis.

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Growing Sprouts

broccoli sprouts on a table.
Broccoli sprouts.

Growing broccoli sprouts is one of the easiest and most affordable kitchen projects you can do. I’m no gardener, but I’ve mastered the method.

I created a step-by-step guide to growing broccoli sprouts on your kitchen counter with no dirt. Please do check out that free guide and let me know if you have any questions about the process of growing your own broccoli sprouts.

Next, now that you know how easy it is to sprout your own broccoli seeds, you might be wondering what to do with the sprouts? Sure, you could just shove a spoonful in your mouth every day, but I’ve come up with six delicious and natural ways to eat broccoli sprouts.

How to Eat Broccoli Sprouts

1. In a sandwich

broccoli sprouts served on a turkey sandwich.

Putting sprouts in a sandwich is pretty traditional. Most sprouts in sandwiches are alfalfa sprouts, but substituting broccoli sprouts is an easy upgrade.

Broccoli sprouts can be a little spicier than alfalfa sprouts, though, so you might want to start with just a few pinches. Then, once you get used to the flavor of the sprouts, you can increase your consumption.

2. On toast

avocado toast with broccoli sprouts.

Avocado toast is a huge trend right now, and broccoli sprouts make the perfect healthy topping. As if avocado toast isn’t already the perfect meal, adding broccoli sprouts takes it to the next level.

Again, since broccoli sprouts tend to have a strong flavor than other types of sprouts, you might just want to use about a tablespoon of fresh sprouts with your avocado toast. If you use too much, then you might not enjoy the flavor.

On the other hand, if you are used to eating broccoli sprouts, then feel free to use as much as you like!

3. As a salad topper

broccoli sprout salad.

Adding broccoli sprouts on top of a salad is another no-brainer. If you don’t love the taste of the sprouts, be sure to add some extra salad dressing to help mask the flavor.

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4. As a soup garnish

healthy vegan soup garnished with broccoli sprouts.

There’s something in your soup. Nope, it’s just a sprout! I bet you never thought of topping your homemade soup with broccoli sprouts, did you?

Hmmmm, how about my homemade broccoli soup topped with broccoli sprouts. Talk about a superfood meal.

5. In a smoothie

two glasses broccoli sprout smoothie on table.

For people who really don’t like the flavor of the sprouts, then blended in a smoothie is the least offensive way to consume them.

My Broccoli Sprout Smoothie recipe includes frozen fruit and cocoa powder to help cover up the flavor.

6. In a spread

Or, instead of blending, you can process your little broccoli sprouts right into your homemade hummus (try my oil-free hummus recipe).

7. Rice paper rolls

Incorporate broccoli sprouts into Vietnamese-style rice paper rolls along with vegetables, noodles, and shrimp or tofu.

8. Powder bowls

vegan veggie powder bowl topped with broccoli sprouts.

Incorporate broccoli sprouts into grain bowls, combining them with ingredients like quinoa, brown rice, vegetables, and a protein source.

9. Pizza topper

After baking, top your pizza with fresh broccoli sprouts for a nutritious and crunchy addition.

10. Broccoli sprout pesto

Blend broccoli sprouts into a homemade pesto sauce, using them in place of or alongside basil.

Bonus recommendations

This list is not exhaustive! You can get creative with how you use your broccoli sprouts including putting them on a baked potato with your other toppings, putting them on bruschetta, adding them to pasta dishes or omelets, or adding them into stir-fries.

While these are some whole form ways to consume broccoli sprouts, you can also try broccoli sprout powder if you need an easier method.

Eating Broccoli Sprouts FAQs

Can I eat broccoli sprouts raw?

Yes, eating them raw is the preferred method to help preserve all the beneficial phytonutrients.

What do broccoli sprouts taste like?

They have a mild spicy flavor.

How many broccoli sprouts should you eat a day?

It depends. There is really no upper limit, but some people may experience gas or stomach upset with too many broccoli sprouts. So, start with a teaspoon or so, and slowly increase your intake.


Most people would benefit from eating more dark green vegetables. Broccoli sprouts are especially healthy, and have research showing they may prevent the growth of cancer cells. This article includes over 10 delicious ways on how to eat broccoli sprouts.

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Note: this post is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider for recommendations related to your individual situation.