Beet juice is a superfood that is packed with antioxidants and nitrates. Learn 6 beet juice benefits including energy and blood pressure.

Beet juice is best attributed to better energy and stamina for exercise, lower blood pressure, and enhanced detoxification ability. Beets are one of the best foods to support your liver and your blood flow, as they’re especially high in antioxidants and nitrates.

This article includes six potential health benefits to drinking beetroot juice.

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Six Beet Juice Benefits

1. Nitric Oxide

Beets are especially helpful for improving your nitric oxide production. They’re high in naturally-occurring nitrates, which are plant compounds that are converted to nitric oxide in your blood.

Nitric oxide is necessary for proper blood flow throughout the body, especially major organs like the heart and brain. Nitric oxide also fuels your muscles, which is why some experience better exercise performance and recovery when consuming beet juice.

2. Blood Pressure

Many people begin drinking beet juice for its cardiovascular protective benefits; namely, its ability to decrease blood pressure. This is due to the concentration of nitrates found in beets, which convert to nitric oxide in the body to increase blood vessel dilation and improve blood flow.

Most studies of these results have been conducted on individuals who are either healthy or pre-hypertensive, however, so there is no conclusive evidence that beet juice can cure or prevent high blood pressure.

Beet juice, as part of a varied, healthy diet may help prevent hypertension and improve blood pressure in healthy and pre-hypertensive individuals, and even those who are already hypertensive and on medication.

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3. Diabetes

Beet juice may be a helpful addition to a healthy diet for those with Type II diabetes, especially those who also have high blood pressure. Studies have shown that increased nitrate consumption (those naturally occurring in vegetables) may help regulate blood sugar and even improve cognitive function.

Since beets are high in nitrates, supplementation with beet juice may improve blood sugar regulation, cognitive function, and hypertension in individuals with Type II diabetes.

4. Antioxidants

Beets are a powerhouse of antioxidants! They’ve long been recognized as a liver-protective food, as the concentration of antioxidants protects against oxidative damage. You might also want to check out my recipe for celery juice.

If you’re looking for liver support to help reduce inflammation, balance hormones, and prevent diseases such as cardiovascular disease, make sure you’re including beets as part of a healthy diet.

Beet juice is an especially concentrated source of antioxidants so it is easy to add to your diet. See how to make Instant Pot Beets for an easy, mess-free method.

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5. Weight Loss 

Beet juice may assist in weight loss efforts in a few different ways. First, beet juice improves nitric oxide production. The effect that increased nitric oxide production has on your heart and muscles may improve exercise stamina, performance, and recovery, all of which can aid in weight loss. 

Second, beets have the ability to decrease inflammation due to their high antioxidant content. If your weight gain is related to inflammation, consuming beet juice may help you to shed inflammation weight.

Finally, beets are particularly high in fiber. Fiber improves satiety levels, preventing over-eating. Fiber can also improve digestion, which can reduce inflammation levels by eliminating toxins from the body. However, much of the fiber in beets is stripped during the juicing process. Eating beets may be a better way to obtain fiber.

6. Skin

Some people value beet juice for its potential skin-enhancing properties. Beets are rich in Vitamin C and folate which may help with your skin health. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that fights free radical damage, including damage to skin. It’s usually used topically but can also support skin health from the inside out. Folate is also high in skin-loving antioxidants.

Because of their antioxidant content, beets are also great for supporting your liver’s natural detoxification efforts. To effectively rid the body of old or excess sex hormones, your liver must be supported and in good health. If your body isn’t ridding itself of sex hormones like estrogen, these may be recirculated and build up, causing hormonal acne and other signs of estrogen dominance.

Supporting your liver with beet juice may help keep hormones and therefore, your skin, balanced. Get my Detoxifying Beet Juice recipe.


Is it better to eat beets, drink beet juice, or use beet juice powder?

These are all great ways to get your daily dose of beets. Beetroot juice and beet juice powder can offer a greater concentration of beets in a smaller dose.

On the other hand, eating beets allows you to also get the beneficial fiber from the vegetable (try this Strawberry Beet Smoothie recipe). If incorporating beets frequently into your meals isn’t realistic for you, you may find that consuming beet juice or beet juice powder in supplement form is more attainable.

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How long does it take for beet juice to lower blood pressure?

More research must be done, but one study found that blood pressure was lowered six hours after subjects consumed beet juice. Keep in mind, however, that there is no definitive proof that beet juice is a treatment for hypertension. Rather, beet juice should be part of a healthy diet and proper treatment for high blood pressure.

Is beet juice good for runners?

Beet juice can definitely help if you’re a runner! The naturally occurring nitrates in beet juice will convert to nitric oxide in your body, which improves blood flow to major organs and muscles. Many athletes have found that beet juice improves performance, stamina, and recovery.

Are there side effects to drinking beet juice?

Be mindful that beets, in general, may give urine and stools a reddish color–don’t be alarmed! This effect is harmless but can be surprising if you’re not aware. In addition, beets are naturally higher in sugar than many other vegetables. Drinking beet juice may cause a blood sugar spike in sensitive individuals. Keep servings of beet juice to a moderate amount as part of a healthy diet.

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Beet juice may have some significant health benefits, including enhanced detoxification and lowered blood pressure. Always be sure to check with your healthcare provider before making any changes to your diet or supplement routine.

Have you enjoyed any benefits after adding beet juice to your diet? Share in the comments below!


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