1. I am disappointed that you only allow social media users to enter your giveaway. Those of us who eschew Facebook and Twitter like whole foods cookbooks, too!

    • Hi Linda, I can totally identify with you not wanting to use social media, but Rafflecopter won’t let me run the giveaway any other way unless I upgrade to a paid plan (which I used to offer, but my finances keep me from doing that right now). Apologies, but please know I appreciate your input and I’ll see if I can make a change in the future.

  2. I really wanted a chance at wining, but I don’t do social media. Can you add my name to the drawing? I would love to win this book.

    • Thanks for the note, Paula! Another reader asked me the same question. I certainly understand and respect your decision to stay away from social media. If I weren’t a blogger, I might do the same. 🙂

      For the purposes of a giveaway, I’m using the company called Rafflecopter because it protects me from liability (who knew there was liability in running such a simple giveaway…ahhh, life in the 21st century). Anyway, I used to pay for the service where I had more options, such as not requiring social media entries. My business revenue plummeted after I stopped selling my app, though, so I cannot afford to do the paid option anymore. Sorry for the long answer to your short question, but essentially the social media option though the free option with Rafflecopter is my only choice for now. I hope this will change in the future…I am working on an e-book where I will start to earn income again (or, at least, cover the costs of running my blog).

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