This refreshing minty Mojito Mocktail recipe has all the zing and zest you’d want in a cocktail, but without the rum or refined sugar! The combination of citrus, minty herbs, and sweetness make this Virgin Mojito recipe a balanced non-alcoholic cocktail you can enjoy at any time of year.

Mint mojito mocktail in clear glass on table.

Classic Mojito Vs. Mocktail Mojito

If you’ve ever had a classic mojito, you’ll know it has one of the most refreshing and satisfying flavor profiles. Nothing beats the delicious combination of tangy lime, a cooling pop of fresh mint, and a dash of sweetness to balance it all. 

I was lucky enough to visit Cuba back in 2004 as a student. It was an incredible experience that I’ll never forget. In addition to all of the culture, music, food, and history, I certainly enjoyed several authentic mojitos made with island rum, fresh mint, and sugar. Talk about refreshing!

If you don’t like alcohol or want to enjoy a healthier version of a classic cocktail, this easy and refreshing mojito mocktail recipe is just for you. It is super simple to make; no fancy bartending skills are required.

Topped with a refreshing dash of soda water, it’s the perfect drink for a lazy summer day or a pool party on a clear night. It’s no wonder that this classic cocktail originated in the tropics.

And if you’re looking for a delicious mocktail recipe for a crowd, all you need to do is increase the quantities and whip up a pitcher of it. It’s so tasty, and you won’t even miss the rum!

Two clear glasses filled with mojito mocktail with limes, mint and ice.

Mojito Non-Alcoholic Beverage Benefits

  • It’s a healthier way to enjoy this refreshing drink on a hot summer day or really at any time of year.
  • Because it’s a mocktail and not a cocktail, you can drink this mojito all day long without worrying about the alcohol. You don’t have to worry about serving it to kids or minors either.
  • Mojito mocktails are a great way to use up fresh mint from the garden. You can make other seasonal flavors too using ingredients like fresh strawberries.

What You’ll Need to Make This Recipe

You won’t need any fancy equipment or special skills to make this mojito cocktail recipe. I bet will have everything needed or simple substitutes you can use. 

1. Glasses

Although you would typically use highball glasses for mojito mocktails, don’t stress if you don’t have them.

You can use any glass at all. The mint, lime, and ice will look great no matter what you put them in. If you’re entertaining, you could even use some fancy cocktail glasses.

2. A Muddler

If you have a muddler, that’s great! But if you don’t, you can use the back or end of a wooden spoon to muddle your mojito. It works perfectly.

3. A Pitcher or Jug

This mocktail is so delicious that you might want to show off your mocktail-making skills to friends and family. To make sure everyone enjoys your new favorite drink, you’ll need to increase the recipe and make it in a pitcher or a jug. 

Clear glasses filled with mint mojito mocktails on a table.

Key Ingredients and Substitutes

The classic mojito has a distinctively fresh flavor with a kick.

For this healthier alcohol-free blend, I’ve decided to leave out refined sugar and, of course, the white rum. Don’t worry; it still tastes delicious! 

And, if you choose to change it up, I’ve included some alternative ingredients you can try. 

Fresh Lime Juice

Fresh limes are packed with nutrients like vitamin C and potassium. Lime juice is also tart, zesty, and delicious.

If you don’t have access to fresh limes in your area or they are too expensive, you could substitute them with some of the many high-quality bottled lime juice options available.

Use two tablespoons of bottled lime juice instead of one lime, and make sure you choose one that contains 100% pure lime juice without any added sugars. 

If you can’t find limes or lime juice, you can use sparkling citrus water or lime-flavored soda to top the mojito mocktail instead of soda water. Try to use one without added sugar or preservatives.

Fresh Mint Leaves

Fresh mint is a must in any mojito mocktail recipe! It’s usually available year-round and easy to grow, even in a window herb box.

Don’t shred the mint leaves or chop them up – clap them with your hands to release the scent, and then muddle them with the lime and sweetener. That’s enough to release the minty fresh flavor perfectly. 

If you have extra mint leaves on hand, you might also try making fresh mint tea that can be served hot or cold.


I like to use monk fruit sweetener in this mojito mocktail recipe to make it sugar-free. But, you could use any type of healthy sweetener you prefer or have on hand. The traditional version uses simple syrup.

Stevia, agave, honey, or maple syrup are great options to use instead of cane sugar. Whatever you choose will alter the final flavor of your mocktail, so keep that in mind. 

Another option is to omit the sweetener altogether. If you like tangy flavors or want to have your mojito mocktail as healthy as possible, forget about sweetening it and enjoy the zesty freshness of lime and mint without any flavors interfering with it.


Regular ice cubes are great for cooling your mojito mocktail, or you could try crushed ice instead. It’s quick and simple to make crushed ice at home in a blender, with an ice crusher, or manually like this:

  • Lay a clean dish towel on a work surface.
  • Place a handful of ice cubes on the center of the towel.
  • Fold the corners in and tie them together with a rubber band.
  • Whack the bundle of ice with a rolling pin for around five minutes or until the ice is crushed. 

Soda Water 

You can use any carbonated water including club soda to top your mojito mocktail.

Or you could try ginger ale, citrus kombucha, lime seltzer, coconut water, or any carbonated drink you enjoy. The options are endless if you’re adventurous.

Alcohol-Free Rum

Alcohol-free rum is an optional ingredient but can make your mojito taste more like the real thing.

If you want to make your drink as healthy as possible, remember to keep an eye on the ingredients. Some alcohol-free rum mixes are loaded with refined sugar and other nasty ingredients!

Additional Ingredients

While the classic mojito just includes the ingredients above, you can free free to get creative and include options like fresh raspberries, fresh strawberries, or any other type of seasonal fresh fruit or berry. Lime flavors are the classic flavors for this drink.

Raspberry mojito in a clear glass with raspberries.

Recipe Steps

Step One

Place lime wedges and sweetener in the bottom of a glass. Muddle to release the juice from the lime wedges.

Step Two

Add the mint sprigs to the bottom of the glass and muddle those as well.

Step Three

Add the rest of the ingredients to top, stir, and serve immediately.

Please see the full recipe card below for the exact measurements.

Recipe FAQs

Are all mocktails alcohol-free?

Yes, the idea behind mocktail recipes is to create a cocktail with the same delicious flavor but without any alcohol. Mocktails are also known as virgin cocktails or a non-alcoholic drink.

How is “mojito” pronounced?

Mojitos originated from Havana, Cuba, where they speak Spanish, so it is pronounced: “Moe-hee-toe.”

Is a mojito mocktail really healthy?

Yes, it is! This recipe makes such a refreshing drink that it will immediately enhance your mood. If you make it sugar-free then it is essentially water with natural flavors. Fresh lime and mint are also nutritious, and using a healthy sweetener helps keep this delicious drink just as healthy as it is tasty.

Can I drink mojito mocktails every day?

Yes, you can! Since this recipe is healthy, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a mojito every day.

Can you make a mojito without mint?

Yes, but you’ll need to substitute with a similar fresh herb such as basil or even cilantro or parsley. The flavor profile will be different, but the herbs complement the other flavors.

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Clear glass filled with mint mojito mocktail on a table with limes and mint.

Non-Alcoholic Mojito Mocktail (Classic Recipe)

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This refreshing minty Mojito Mocktail recipe has all the zing and zest you’d want in a summer cocktail, but without the rum or refined sugar! The combination of citrus, minty herbs, and sweetness make this Mojito Mocktail a balanced summery drink.

  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 1 1x


  • 1 fresh lime, cut into quarters
  • 1 teaspoon, sweetener of your choice (notes)
  • 10 medium-sized mint leaves
  • 1 ounce non-alcoholic rum (optional)
  • 1 cup ice cubes
  • 4 ounces soda water


  1. Place lime and sweetener in the glass.
  2. Muddle for about a minute to release some of the lime juice. It should smell amazing!
  3. Clap the mint leaves with your hands until you release the fresh minty scent. 
  4. Place the mint in the glass and use the muddler to press the leaves two or three times. Do this gently. 
  5. Add the non-alcoholic rum if you’re using it. 
  6. Add your ice cubes, top with soda water, and stir well.
  7. Serve, and enjoy!


  1. To make this drink ahead of time, gather enough of the ingredients to make at least 4-6 servings. “Pre-muddle” a jug of lime, mint leaves, and sweetener, and leave it in the fridge. Top it with some ice and soda water when your guests arrive!
  2. I like to use monk fruit sweetener in this mojito mocktail recipe to make it sugar-free. But you could use any type of healthy sweetener you prefer or have on hand, for example, stevia, agave, honey, or maple syrup. Another option is to omit the sweetener altogether.


  • Serving Size: 1
  • Calories: 12
  • Sugar: 0.7 g
  • Sodium: 34.6 mg
  • Fat: 0 g
  • Saturated Fat: 0 g
  • Carbohydrates: 3.8 g
  • Fiber: 0.3 g
  • Protein: 0.2 g
  • Cholesterol: 0 mg

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