It may sound too good to be true, but coffee is incredibly healthy for most people! Rich in polyphenols and other protective compounds, quality, organic coffee can be part of an overall healthy lifestyle. This article shares the best organic coffee brands for 2021.

woman holding a coffee

Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee has been shown to help protect against disease. It is rich in a type of antioxidant known as polyphenols, plus other protective compounds. Research also shows that drinking coffee can help protect against liver disease, colon cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and more.

Choosing Organic

But, it’s important to choose quality coffee beans that haven’t been sprayed with pesticides. By purchasing certified organic coffee beans, you can rest assured that your coffee is clean and clear. Some people also like to take the extra step and choose coffee beans that are both organic and fair-trade.

Fair-trade means the farmers are paid a living wage.

How to Make Coffee Using Beans

If you’ve only purchased ground coffee to make at home before, it’s time to consider buying the beans. By purchasing the whole bean, you’ll also have the oils intact. Then, you’ll just need to use a grinder to grind the beans before brewing the coffee.

After you grind the beans, place the ground coffee into a filter. Then, run hot water through the filter by using a coffee maker or a drip-device. Either way, you’ll be rewarded with the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had, right in your own kitchen.

See my recipe for how to make butter coffee. For those on a dairy-free diet, don’t miss my round-up of the best vegan creamers.

Best Organic Coffee for 2021

In this article, I’ll share the best coffee beans that are certified organic. I’ll also offer some organic and fair-trade options. All of the brands mentioned are whole coffee beans. For the best results, buy the roasted beans and a quality coffee grinder.

1. Subtle Earth Organic Coffee

This dark roast is full of honey and chocolate notes, and is a “medium dark” meaning it’s on the lower end of the dark roast spectrum, so it is enjoyed by many coffee lovers. I love that they use natural coffee compost and plant peppers as their pest control, so they are working hard to keep their coffee away from chemicals.

subtle earth organic coffee

2. Mayorga Organics Café

This light roast organic coffee has vanilla and ends with smoky hints. I love that they slow roast in small batches to ensure you are getting the same flavor time and time again. Dark roasts are warm and comforting which I think the vanilla also lends itself to.

mayorga organics cafe whole bean coffee

3. Allegro Coffee Organic Breakfast Blend

This light roast coffee with caramel and citrus is perfect for those that prefer iced coffee. Lighter roasts often have lower acidity, which is also helped by the cold brew process. It won’t have any strong flavors that turn bitter when brewed.

allegro coffee organic breakfast blend

4. Real Good Coffee Co Whole Bean Coffee

This organic whole bean coffee has “cedar and lemon” notes which means it’s light and fresh. I must admit I also like that this bag appears to have a zip top, making it easier to stay fresh. One of the hardest parts about good coffee is keeping the beans fresh once you open the bag.

real good coffee co whole bean coffee

5. Jose’s Whole Bean Coffee

This one is a “medium dark roast” so it is billed as being strong but not bitter or burnt as some dark roasts tend to be. It is rich in flavor to please dark roast fanatics but easy enough to share with those that prefer something lighter.

jose's whole bean coffee

6. Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Portland knows coffee, and Stumptown is no exception. Hugely popular on the internet, they have fans around the country. This blend is interesting since they aren’t using single origin beans, so they can combine unique flavors into one.

stumptown coffee roasters organic coffee

7. Kicking Horse Coffee

With stone fruit and cocoa flavors, this would be the perfect blend for making cold brew. Besides treating the farmers well, this brand strives to treat the planet well too, making sure coffee is a sustainable morning treat.

kicking horse coffee organic beans

8. Peet’s Coffee Organic French Roast

Peet’s is a great brand if you are looking to buy locally. It is often sold in major grocery stores and since they list the “roasted on” date on their packages, you can still make sure it is fresh when you buy it. This dark roast has hints of caramel and is perfect for those that like their coffee strong.

peet's coffee organic french roast

9. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Organic

This medium blend is fruity and sweet, so it will be great for a wide variety of tastes. Reviews state this is a lower acidity blend so if coffee has ever given you trouble, give this one a go. This brand is “direct trade” which means they have long-standing relationships with their farmers and treat them well.

the coffee bean and tea leaf organic coffee


Once you learn the lingo of fair-trade, direct trade, organic, and more, you will discover why it is so important to buy high-quality coffee. Not only are you getting the best flavor, you are also supporting the planet and farmers. Oftentimes these types of coffees aren’t even all that much more expensive than the grocery store brands, and you know you are supporting local businesses.

Beyond the support you give, you will also be getting the best cup of coffee ever. Once ground, coffee really begins to lose its flavor. Imagine how long it has been since ground coffee left the farm. You can really learn to enjoy what roasts and brewing method you like best once you start with the best coffee beans you can buy.